Foodservice & Facilities

Foodservice & Facilities

We work with businesses to deliver structured, efficient and simple solutions for their cleaning needs.


Our Optimum products meet the highest standards of performance, environmental sustainability and cost-in-use. Our chemical dilution and application equipment is safe, easy to use, reliable and accurate.

  • Kitchen Products

    Kitchen cleaning is a crucial and integral part of any food preparation business. Legislation and regulations require that best practice should be met in all food businesses.

  • Dishwashing Products

    Dishwashing Products

    A range of products suitable for use in all water hardness areas, including specialist destain products to aid the removal of proteins and tannins and rinse aids to help drying.

  • Bar & Cellar Products

    Bar & Cellar Products

    Beer line and equipment cleaning is essential for dispense of quality product.

  • Housekeeping Products

    Housekeeping Products

    Reception, public and bedroom areas are key customer interfaces and a high level of cleanliness is paramount.

  • Ultra Concentrate Products

    Ultra Concentrate Products

    High performance products and dosing system to reduce environmental impact and cost in use.

  • Ecolabel Products

    The Holistic Green range of products.

  • Laundry Products

    A product range to suit on-premise laundries whether small or large.

  • Floorcare Products

    Floorcare Products

    Different floor types demand different cleaning products, cleaning equipment and methods.

  • Wipe Products

    Wipe Products

    Wipes are suitable for light cleaning and disinfection tasks, or for cleaning of sensitive areas where moisture must be minimised.

  • New Products

    New products

    We innovate to provide new and bespoke solutions for our customers.

  • Testing & Inspection Equipment

    Testing & Inspection Equipment

    The range of test kits and inspection equipment is designed to allow a business to simply and reliably monitor cleaning and the result of cleaning.

  • Storage, Dosing, Application & Rinsing

    Storage, Dosing, Application & Rinsing

    Effective, efficient and reliable equipment for all of your chemical needs.


It is important that any support company has the breadth of technical knowledge and industry expertise to understand your business and your challenges