Dairy Processing

Dairy Processing

Production processes and cleaning processes in this sector are energy and water hungry and therefore cost control and optimisation are of major importance.


Experienced in Dairy Processing Hygiene

In a world where there are daily threats to food safety as a result of unprecedented, changing and often unforeseeable issues, the challenges to be addressed involve thinking outside the box of incremental adjustment and finding new, sustainable options for approaching our work. This means continuously anticipating change.


The Kersia team, from sales to scientists, work closely with businesses to advise on best practice including: the selection and application of cleaning and disinfection products, dosing and control, pathogen management, allergen management, cleaning advice, cleaning optimisation, hygiene management systems, training, audit and review.


Interim Clean

Interim cleaning is a general term used to describe cleaning activities that take part on processing lines during production operations.


Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is carried out as a wet or dry process depending on the potential soils present, the product, the process and the type of production equipment.


Surface Disinfection

After the cleaning of surfaces and equipment, there may be a need to reduce any residual microorganisms present to a safe level by using a disinfectant.


Aerial Disinfection

There may be a need to fog in certain food processes to effect a reduction in airborne microorganisms.


Clean in Place

The cleaning of complete items of plant or pipeline without dismantling or opening of the equipment, and with little or no manual involvement on the part of the operator.


Tray & Crate Washing

Washing machines come in a variety of forms, generally being built for the cleaning of a specific type of item.


Membrane Cleaning

Membrane technology is a proven separation method used on the molecular and ionic levels. Since the 1970s, this technique has been adapted for use in the dairy industry.


Conveyor Lubrication

The conveyor system on a dairy or beverage plant provides a vital link between the individual machines.



Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of floors is critical to safety and ensuring both employees and visitors perceive a facility the right way.



Hand hygiene is important in the food & beverage processing and food service industries.



Kersia products meet the highest standards of performance, environmental sustainability and cost-in-use when used with the correct chemical dilution and application equipment.

  • Detergent Selection

    The performance of a detergent relies on the selection of its chemistry to suit the soils encountered.

  • Detergent Types

    Detergent Types

    Cleaning is a combination of mechanical, thermal and chemical energies as well as time. Chemical energy has a large influence on the required inputs from the other three.

  • Disinfectant Selection

    Disinfectant Selection

    Disinfection is an essential means of reducing the number of viable microorganisms on surfaces, devices and the skin.

  • Types of Disinfectant

    Disinfectant Types

    Chemical disinfectants are defined by their mode of action and can be broadly split into two groups: oxidising and non-oxidising.

  • Disinfectant Q&A

    Disinfectant Q&A

    This Q&A section addresses some frequently asked questions about a commonly misunderstood topic.

  • Disinfectant Regulations & Tests

    Disinfectant Regulations & Tests

    Disinfectant products are regulated under the Biocidal Product Regulation and a number of approval schemes.

  • Handcare Products

    The transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms via the hands is a significant problem and reducing this through regular hand washing and sanitisation is crucial.

  • Testing & Inspection Equipment

    Testing & Inspection Equipment

    The range of test kits and inspection equipment is designed to allow a business to simply and reliably validate, monitor and verify cleaning and disinfection processes.


It is important that any support company has the breadth of technical knowledge and industry expertise to understand your business and your challenges