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Innovation is central to the Kersia group’s DNA and its mission 'inventing a food safe world'. It is an intrinsic element of the group’s business and the driver for every member of the Kersia group. In a world where there are daily threats to food safety as a result of unprecedented, changing and often unforeseeable issues, the challenges to be addressed involve thinking outside the box of incremental adjustment and finding new, sustainable options for approaching our work. This means continuously anticipating change.

Legend Anti-Viral Wipes

Legend Anti-Viral Wipes

Legend Anti-Viral Virucidal Wipes are impregnated sanitising wipes, which have been formulated for use within food preparation areas. They can be used on all hard surfaces for cleaning and disinfection.

In conjunction with normal hygiene measures, the wipe is an effective agent for decontaminating surfaces that may be infected with micro-organisms and viruses resulting from human contact.

The impregnating liquid (Active) has been independently tested and assessed against and passes EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, EN14476 (limited spectrum) including enveloped viruses.

Impregnated blue wipe, wipe material 20 gsm high strength polypropylene, 200 mm x 180 mm Number of wipes per bucket HLL6/1000 – 1,000 wipes

Express Foam

Foam cleaning has for several decades been the method of choice for large scale cleaning of food production plants. Although a long-cling foam is often needed to obtain satisfactory cleaning results, washing the resultant stable foam away down (sometimes) inadequate drains, can be a major problem. What was needed was a product that would give the customer the necessary long cling time and effective clean yet would then collapse and rinse away down drains easily.

Express Foam represents Kersia's latest generation of alkaline foams and addresses the traditional problem of poor rinseability of long cling foams. In addition, Express Foam has a number of useful green credentials. It is P Free (Phosphate Free) thereby not contributing to effluent discharge levels and is also EDTA free, thereby providing improved biodegradability.


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