Our products meet the highest standards of performance, environmental sustainability and cost-in-use when used with the correct chemical dilution and application equipment.

  • Detergent selection

    The performance of a detergent relies on the selection of its chemistry to suit the soils encountered.

  • Detergent types

    Detergent types

    Cleaning is a combination mechanical, thermal, chemical energies and time. Chemical energy has an large influence on the required inputs from the other three.

  • Disinfectant selection

    Disinfectant selection

    Disinfection is an essential means of reducing the number of viable microorganisms on surfaces, devices and the skin.

  • Disinfectant types

    Disinfectant types

    Chemical disinfectants are defined by their mode of action and can be broadly split into two groups, oxidising and non-oxidising.

  • Disinfectant Q&A

    Disinfectant Q&A

    This Q&A section addresses some frequently asked questions about a commonly misunderstood topic.

  • Handwashing

    Handcare Products

    The transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms via the hands is a significant problem in food processing; regular hand washing and sanitising is crucial.

  • Storage Dosing & Application

    Storage dosing & application equipment

    Cleaning and disinfection chemicals are required to be stored, transferred, dosed, applied and rinsed from surfaces.

  • Test & Inspection Equipment

    Test & Inspection Equipment

    The range of test kits and inspection equipment is designed to allow a business to simply and reliably monitor cleaning and the result of cleaning.

  • New Products

    New products

    We are always looking for ways to provide and create new bespoke solutions for our customers.