Hygiene Management Systems

Legislation and codes of practice dictate that businesses must provide the cleaning instructions for all equipment and surfaces on site, including a system of control to show cleaning has been carried out according to the correct method.

A major element of the required instructions are the Cleaning Instruction Cards. Gateway is a web based system that allows both ourselves and our customers quick access for easy creation and amending of the cleaning instruction card system. This allows users to add photos, cleaning frequencies, strip down procedures, key inspection points, chemicals and cleaning tools. Gateway consists of two parts: Head Quarters (HQ) and Client.

Hygiene Management System

HQ Module

The HQ module is where each individual site is created and where basic site and area information together with authorised users are activated. In addition, different
authorisation levels are set up on the system for the client’s users.

Client Module

The Client module is where the detailed information is entered creating each specific CIC. The Client module is used by our hygiene technologists to create the customer CICs and then if the customer chooses to manage their own system, they take control enabling an authorised site user to modify, add and delete CICs.