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    Kersia UK

    Part of the global Kersia group, Kersia UK Farm-Hygiene provides market-leading ‘farm to fork’ cleaning and hygiene products. Combined with tailored services support solutions for the Farm & Agri sectors in UK & Ireland.

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Our Sectors

Calves in a Field


Hygiene, udder health, biosecurity, nutritional supplements and complimentary feed products, for dairy farm businesses.


Milking Units

Chlorine-Free Dairy Hygiene

Cleaning & disinfection products for milking parlours, plants and bulk tanks for chlorine-free dairy farm businesses.

Beef Cattle in Field


Hygiene, biosecurity solutions and nutritional supplement products, for beef livestock.


Sheep in a field


Hygiene, biosecurity, animal health and nutritional supplements for the sheep farming sector.

young piglets


Hygiene, biosecurity, water treatments and nutritional supplements for the pig farming sector.



Hygiene, biosecurity, water treatments and nutritional supplements for the poultry farming sector.

hygiene workers in laboratory

Talk about Kersia

Innovation is key to the Kersia group’s DNA and its mission, to invent a food safe world. We are the trusted and respected partner to thousands of farmers and their farm businesses through our extensive agri merchant networks here in the UK and in Ireland.

Our range of chemical detergent and disinfectant products have been used for decades and are only available to purchase from our extensive network of merchant stores and key aggregators for the Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Poultry and Pig farm sectors.

We work tirelessly to constantly improve our product portfolio to help farm/agri businesses to maintain the health of their livestock, this proven methodology helps to protect food producers’ livelihoods and of course benefits us all as consumers.

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Our Values

Laboratory Workers



We build long-term relationships by being open, ethical and fair. In a field confronted by sanitary and compliance issues, people trust us since we are true to our word.

To believe food is safe, consumers demand total transparency.

Our Values



We learn and progress from the experience of customers, colleagues and partners. Honest communication amongst people with different experiences helps us develop new solutions and make a difference.

Open culture is the secret to progress.




We eagerly engage our clients to identify issues and focus on their needs to get it right. We deliver reliable results and comprehensive performance by mobilizing the best of our skills and technical talent.

Biosecurity needs an integrated approach to analyse and manage risks.

Our Values



We constantly anticipate transformational change. We think “outside the box” when confronted with new challenges. It is in our nature to innovate and to approach our work with fresh but sustainable options.

Food safety is challenged everyday by new and often unpredictable issues.