Chemicals should be stored in a safe and secure environment but also where the risk of cross-contamination from external sources is eliminated or reduced and controlled. For example, chemical containers and packaging can become contaminated when they are stored in uncovered external areas. The risk is that these might be transferred into production areas without undergoing a decontamination procedure, consequently exposing food products to an avoidable hazard.

Chemical stores should be kept entirely separate from food and packaging stores. They should be:

  • Sound, dry, well ventilated, frost-proof, have ease of access and have sufficient light to enable the operator to read the label.
  • Designed so that drainage from this area is contained in the event of a hazardous spill (i.e., chemical containers should be stored on top of larger collection vessels and there should be no access to drains).
  • Secure (lockable), with controlled access.
  • Able to protect the products from extremes of temperature, sunlight and rain (e.g., some products will be susceptible to freezing).
  • Designed such that there is a consideration of the chemical compatibility of the construction materials.

Dosing & Application

Chemicals can be applied to a surface in several ways, including:

  • Soaking an item in a sink or container
  • Manual application using a bucket and wipe/brush/pad/ mop, etc.
  • Semi-automated systems, such as utensil and dishwashers
  • Spraying.

For the dosing of cleaning solutions in fixed installations, such as kitchens, wall mounted dispensers provide a reliable and cost-effective method for delivering the correct amount of cleaning solution.

When making solutions up ‘on-the-move’ such as dosing for facilities and room cleaning, calibrated dosing bottles are an effective method to control the amount being used.

The Optimum range of concentrate and super concentrate products require dilution with water. The product range has fully labelled and colour coded refillable bottles available.

Typically, most products are dosed with 1 shot from a pelican pump into a trigger spray full of water. This equates to approximately 330 trigger refills (330 x 750 ml) from a single 5 litre concentrate product container.
Some products are also available as ready to use (RTU) trigger.

Effective, efficient, reliable and safe washdown, hygiene and cleaning equipment.

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