Whilst the number of UK dairy cows has decreased, the yield per cow has increased by 93% since 1975. As a result, total domestic milk production has increased by 9% over the period.  Total production had been steadily falling from a high of 16.7 billion litres in 1983 to a low of 13.1 billion litres in 2009, before beginning to rise again. The figure for 2014 of 14.6 billion litres is the highest since 1990.

One of the most important control measures in dairy processing is the process of heat treatment, pasteurisation or sterilisation. Hygiene throughout the processing plant is important but critical post heat treatment is where contamination may result in the milk or dairy product not meeting the microbiological criteria causing food poisoning or spoilage.

Kersia's dairy hygiene products, dosing and application equipment and hygiene management systems deliver consistent and proven hygiene standards while our technical support teams provide real benefits to our customers including cleaning review and audit, optimisation and cost of clean assessments.