Cleaning Advice

Cleaning is one of the controls that dairy processors use to ensure that their business is in an appropriate state to carry out hygienic functions.

The Kersia team work closely with businesses to advise on all aspects of hygiene including: the selection and application of cleaning and disinfection products, dosing and control, pathogen management, allergen management, cleaning advice, cleaning optimisation, hygiene management systems, training, audit and review.

Local Support Teams

Our field based teams have in-depth knowledge of their customers, delivering optimum cleaning solutions but also responding to customers’ challenges by delivering new solutions that respond to a business issue or need.  They understand the industry and your sector and have often held technical or hygiene support roles in similar businesses.

Technical Sales Consultants

The prime responsibility for liaising with and managing an account falls to the Technical Sales Consultant. They work to an agreed and reviewed structured support plan for the customer. This scheduled process helps to drive continuous improvement in hygiene, safety and cost reduction for individual sites.  

Hygiene Technologists

Hygiene Technologists support our customers with implementing, maintaining and updating the Gateway or Gateway AC systems.  These web based applications allow both ourselves and our customers quick access for creation and amending of each site's cleaning procedures and for the management of hygiene.

Service Engineers

Our Service Engineers provide an expertise in dosing and application of cleaning products. In addition to routine visits for audit or repair of equipment, where service contracts are in place, they also provide an advisory and investigative service to customers. The team are backed up by a wealth of support from the Project Engineering Team.

Technical Service Managers

A team of experts who provide an additional layer of support to the customer and Technical Sales Consultants. This 'independant' team give a 'fresh pair of eyes' approach to audit and problem solving. The team have individual areas of expertise used to maintain and update knowledge within Kersia UK and form part of the 'Open Innovation Network' with Kersia Group.

Account Management

The Regional Sales Managers manage, train and mentor the team of Technical Sales Consultants promoting and ensuring their support meets customer requirements.

In addition Key Account Managers are responsible for managing the team’s relationships between Kersia and some of its largest clients ensuring objectives and key performance indicators are met.




We learn and progress from the experience of customers, colleagues and partners. Honest communication amongst people with different experiences helps us develop new solutions and make a difference.

Central Support

Kersia’s two microbiology laboratories (in France and Ireland) provide the group with specialist centres of excellence for investigating the micro-organisms present in food. Our experts’ cumulative expertise in food microbiology gives them a major role in knowledge-sharing when contamination warnings are issued, and in paving the way and developing disruptive innovations specifically for farm and food industry settings. 

The Technical Centre (in England) is a state-of-the-art laboratory with access to a range of investigative tools including FTIR and X-ray Spectroscopy, Force Gauges and Surface Tension measurement as well as traditional wet chemistry. A purpose built ‘wet test’ laboratory allows us to simulate many site cleaning operations and is used for product evaluation and for customer training.



Innovation at Kersia is also based on partnerships with research centres and higher education institutions. A strategic partnership has been formed with the Institute for Global Food Security of Queen’s University of Belfast. 

Kersia are members and supportive of the activities and/or committees of the British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS), the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG), the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT), the Society of Dairy Technology (SDT) and Campden BRI and work closely with ZERO2FIVE, the Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Food Industry Centre and other universities.


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