Engineering Support

Our in-house team of qualified engineers provide expertise throughout the UK and Ireland in dosing and application equipment. In addition to the routine planned service visits, they also provide a speedy response to breakdowns as well as an advisory and investigative service.

Projects implemented have ranged in size from small local dispense systems to turnkey integrated storage, dispense and application systems.

Washdown, Hygiene & Cleaning Equipment

Washdown, Hygiene & Cleaning Equipment

Most of our liquid product formulations are provided as concentrates requiring dilution at the point of use at between 1% and 5%. Effective and accurate dosing of chemicals is vital for ensuring that a cleaning and disinfection process delivers the desired result. The use of reliable dosing equipment helps to ensure that these processes are consistent, chemicals are used safely and effectively and costs are controlled. Products can either be dosed neat into water to give the desired solution strength or diluted by a venturi or proportioning unit.

Our Washdown, Hygiene & Cleaning Equipment shop details the wide range of equipment available.

Installed Systems

The largest element of cost in open plant cleaning is labour. If the effciency of the clean can be improved, savings may be achieved. One option is to provide simple reliable washdown, application and dosing equipment. For example, the introduction of medium pressure washdown, foam and disinfection systems has been shown to significantly reduce the cleaning time for large areas.
In addition, semi-automated systems can be utilised to carry out 90% of the cleaning without operator involvement. For example: items such as conveyors and spiral chillers/freezers fitted with automated or semi-automated systems are proven to be more effective and effcient than using manual means.

Installed Systems

Support Team

It is important to ensure that any support company has the breadth of technical knowledge and industry expertise to be able to understand your business and the challenges you face. In addition, the support should be local to provide a timely response to issues. 

Service Engineers

Our Service Engineers provide an expertise in dosing and application of cleaning products. In addition to routine visits for audit or repair of equipment, where service contracts are in place, they also provide an advisory and investigative service to customers.

Senior Engineers

The Senior Engineers manage and support the Service Engineers. Their qualifications and broad experience gained over many years working on washdown, hygiene and dosing systems provides the business with a knowledge base second to none.

Engineering Customer Care

The Engineering Customer Care team provide advice and information to customers as well as taking and processing orders for our large range of equipment.

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