Kersia UK Launches 2024 Training Programme Schedule

We are delighted to announce Kersia’s 2024 Training programme and all the sessions available to book via our online shop - 

There are a range of courses available, both classroom and via Microsoft Teams, aimed primarily at hygiene and technical teams involved in the management of hygiene. The courses range from Level 2 for Operative level, right through to Level 4 courses designed for Supervisor and Management levels.  All details on every course can be downloaded by clicking on the course of interest. 

The courses include: 

Level 2: 

  • Listeria Awareness 

  • Introduction to Microbiology 

Level 3: 

  • Cleaning Technology and Control  

  • COSHH 

  • Listeria Control  

  • Cleaning in Place  

Level 4 

  • Food Processing & Hygiene Management  

  • Listeria Management  

  • Cleaning in Place  

  • Validation, Verification, Monitoring and Documentation  

  • Hygienic Design Lifecycle  


For further advice on how our training programmes can meet your company training needs please speak to your Kersia representative.