Today is World Water Day, a day dedicated to groundwater and how its sustainably managed.  Here at Kersia our team of experts are working with customers to help them manage and reduce their water consumption in sites across all the sectors we operate in.


There is also a focus on what we are doing as a company and on integrating circular economy into all of our activities and water consumption reduction & reuse are an integral part of it.


We have invested in Dinard in a pilot to collect, treat and reinject water directly into our manufacturing processes.  Other initiatives are happening across our manufacturing facilities in Spain and Germany the later involving rainwater collection. At our Bury site we continue to reuse production vessel CIP rinse water as part of our drive to minimise water use.


By 2024, we are committed to ensuring that each production site in the group conducts a review to reduce water consumption and on the recycling of water as such processes are now part of our industrial best practices to be adapted locally depending on the environment and size of the installation.


Further information on World Water Day can be found here.