Working at Kersia UK

Working for Kersia means making a commitment to help achieve a major ambition: ‘inventing a food safe world’. It means joining a group that relies on individual passion, commitment and inventiveness to move forward in a shared, inclusive and constructive environment.  It means always trying to do things better and differently in order to achieve our goals.  

Corporate social responsibility is central to Kersia’s mission and is underpinned by four core values that shape relations with our employees: Transparency, Sharing, Proficiency and Foresight.

In Kersia:

• We want every employee to be able to contribute to the group’s momentum and flourish in helping to realise our vision of a food safe world.

• We are introducing tools and channels for direct interaction, so that every employee can have their say and share their ideas with as many of their colleagues as possible.

• We know that every individual has different needs, and we want to accommodate these needs as much as we are able to and contribute to every employee’s development.


Working for Kersia UK for me means being able to gain experience, knowledge and opportunities to further my career. It means being part of a community, one that is striving for a more sustainable future.    Nicola McIntosh, SHEQ Administrator.


As a new employee starting in May 2022 there has been a lot to learn at our Lockerbie facility, It has been great learning the manufacturing processes that produce some of the products that help realise Kersia’s mission of ‘inventing a food safe world’. To be contributing personally by helping keep our employees safe at work as part of our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality team is the most rewarding part for me. 
Jamie Kennedy, HSE Assistant.


Process improvement is a huge part of my role as Operations Team Leader at the Lockerbie site. I am passionate about continually identifying new ways to work more efficiently to improve the operations of the Production Team and contribute to ‘inventing a food safe world’.
Angela McKeen, Operations Team Leader.


As I was on maternity leave when Kersia acquired Holchem Laboratories in May 2020, you could say I was a little apprehensive of what changes etc there would be on my return to work in February 2021. Shortly after my return I soon realised that the morale is better and I feel informed on where the business is going. I am ready to embrace the positive changes and overall, it feels good to be a part of a global organisation. 
Sam Gillespie, Customer Care Manager.


I feel that I am now part of a large Global community, striving to give the best possible service and standards to all our customers. 
Angela Atkinson, Customer Support Services Manager.