Trevor Morris, from the Kersia UK production team, is looking forward to implementing all he has learnt from Kersia’s Committed and Different program

The Kersia and Ashoka’s eight-month Committed and Different program is designed to create a dynamic of questioning, dialogue and actions favourable to permanent adaptation within Kersia and to develop Kersia’s employees’ creativity, entrepreneurship, adaptability and emotional intelligence. It also supports the development of innovative social enterprises whose projects relate to Global Sustainable Development goals including Food Safety, which is at the heart of the company’s objectives. 

 The Committed and Different programme requires participants to commit to ‘Act for Change’, as we are aware of the present and future challenges to achieve Kersia’s ultimate objective of Inventing a Food Safe World.  

Trevor Morris, Production Operative, at Kersia, explains why he is taking part: 

“I joined the Committed and Different program because I wanted to break free from my comfort zone and look for a new challenge; one that would push me to explore unchartered territories. Throughout this programme, I have had the privilege of connecting with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds and it's been truly eye-opening.  


“Together, we have discovered that, despite our difference, we share common values and ideas. This realisation has strengthened my belief in the power of unity and collaboration. With my newfound confidence and knowledge, I am now prepared to challenge the status quo. I am determined to tackle issues head-on and offer informed, meaningful solutions that can bring about positive change. The programme has equipped me with the tools and insights needed to really make a difference. 


“As I reflect on the Committed & Different experience so far, I am grateful for the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and embrace the unknown.  It's through these challenges that we discover our true potential. I look forward to embracing new horizons, celebrating diversity, and empowering change by pushing boundaries and challenging norms to create positive social and environmental impact.”