Training New Team Members In The Catering and Hospitality Industry

As the busy summer season approaches including summer pop ups, festivals and an increased number of tourists, businesses involved in the catering and hospitality sectors are looking to recruit new team members. Part of this process should include an investment in training for those who are involved in cleaning and hygiene as part of their role.

A key component of this is ensuring the team is aware of how important clean hands are to a successful hygiene routine and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness across the whole operation. Kersia’s ‘In Safe Hands’ brochure is a valuable source of information and guides readers through a number of important areas including essential legislation that has to be complied with, effective hand washing, commonly missed areas when hand washing, different types of soaps, hand sanitisers, and managing hand hygiene.    We have also produced an ‘Optimum Cleaning System’ brochure which takes users through kitchen hygiene, cleaning methods and the most effective and relevant Optimum products to use.

The guides should be accompanied on site by easy to understand picture wall charts that clearly show what cleaning procedures are required, how often they should be carried out and what products should be used to effectively carry out the work.  

In our experience, investing in training ensures that staff are clearly aware of the cleaning and hygiene procedures that have to be followed and the high standards that have to be achieved.  This in turn can lead to maintaining consistent and higher levels of hygiene, and to staff members understanding their role in this process. As always, please speak to a member of our team for further information.