The Importance Of Kitchen Hygiene

Ensuring a busy kitchen environment is cleaned to a high standard is an integral part of any food or hospitality business. Kitchen, retail and food production facilities making or serving food are governed by several best practice guidelines as well as legal requirements. There’s a lot of factors that go into a successful plan not least the fact that a whole kitchen area needs to be kept clean and clear throughout the working shift especially when raw and cooked food are being produced in the same area. Surfaces should be cleaned throughout the day with food contact surfaces disinfected after cleaning. At the end of the day the kitchen needs to be completely cleaned and disinfected in readiness for the following day.

We work with our customers to develop and implement a bespoke thorough hygiene plan and ensure that it’s understood by the team involved and that they are carrying it out properly.  Ensuring that all equipment such as dishwashers are working properly is also an important factor in the success of any plan. Don’t neglect any equipment so that it doesn’t function properly.  This can lead to it not functioning to the correct standards.  Cleaning bigger piece of equipment such as fryers and ovens also need to be included in hygiene routine and the correct methods and products used to clean them.

Sarah West from Holchem said:

From surfaces to equipment to personal hygiene implementing a robust kitchen hygiene routine is fundamental to the success of the business.  It encompasses a lot of different factors and can be complicated depending on the nature of the food prepared.  Our teams have been working with customers in the sector for over 20 years and have the technical and practical knowledge to help ensure effective procedures and training are both in place. We know that the kitchen is a busy working environment, but a cleaning regime should always be maintained, and every step followed.  Cutting corners can lead to standards slipping which is ultimately doesn’t help the business.

We advise that all of our customers liaise with our teams for bespoke help and advice.