Surface Cleaning In The Food And Beverage Processing Sector

Here at Kersia UK we have been working in partnership with our customers in the food processing, brewing and dairy processing sectors for over four decades to ensure their hygiene systems are robust and meet the necessary guidelines.  An important element of this work is the area of surface cleaning. Our teams are experts in their field and the advice they give is bespoke to each individual customer.  It is carried out as a wet or dry process, depending on the potential soils present, the product, the process and the type of production equipment.

What are the methods involved in surface cleaning? 

Darren Saunders, Kersia UK’s Technical Services Director, explains:

Open plant cleaning typically refers to the methods involved: dry cleaning, semi dry cleaning, manual cleaning, soak cleaning and foam cleaning. Kersia’s team works with customers to develop an individual hygiene plan that meets the needs of the business and that will in turn include specific methods of surface cleaning.  It’s a key part of the complete production process and starts with an understanding of the whole of the food or drink processing, the equipment that needs cleaning and the specific soils and residues that are present.

For further information on surface cleaning and developing bespoke hygiene plans for your business, please contact the team.