Performance Products

Our Innovation teams take a comprehensive approach that enables them to develop next generation solutions on a global scale. Experienced employees worldwide evaluate the challenges of each market sector in maintaining food safety, making every effort to anticipate future needs. Our teams in Kersia UK (based in Bury, Lockerbie and Belfast) are part of and work closely with our global colleagues in the Kersia Group.

Seven billion human beings today, nine billion in 2050…population growth and the rise in living standards in many countries are increasing demand for food throughout the world and the desire for access to more sophisticated sources of protein. In parallel, people are concerned for the future of the planet and expect sustainable production channels and solutions that leave no residues of concern associated with their use. 

To fulfil this dual requirement, we are working on developing alternative “green” solutions to complement, and in some cases to replace, traditional chemicals. We are achieving this by using bio-sourced materials, using less water and generating fewer residues, with concern for protecting operators and the impact of using the recommended solutions. As a result, the proportion of sustainable “green solutions” in the Kersia product range for farmers and manufacturers now accounts for a significant percentage of our production.

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