Optimising Hygiene Routines

With the spotlight on increasing energy and utility bills, food processing companies are looking at costs and how to ensure they are getting the best value for money across the board.  This is an area of expertise for the Holchem team and, as part of our drive to provide a full range of hygiene solutions, we utilise bespoke programmes to make sure our customers are attaining the best level of clean, at the best value.


This is carried out in a number of ways including:

  • Review

The team can help review cleaning methods to identify opportunities for improvement, that must be carried out against clearly defined objectives; for instance: to improve the efficacy of the clean, to provide a reduction in the cost of cleaning or reduce the cleaning time, allowing a greater process plant up-time.  For cleans that have been validated, such optimisation must maintain the validated objectives of the clean.

  • Benchmarking

We work closely with our customer and utilising benchmarking models; we establish the performance of the current cleaning programme before any change and monitor the performance of the new programme following any changes.

  • Cost of Clean Model

Holchem work closely with our customers utilising ‘cost of clean’ benchmarking models. Our ‘cost of clean’ model provides an easy to use tool for our customers to calculate the overall cost of a clean, taking into consideration detergent, disinfectant, labour, energy, water and effluent. Once the cost of cleaning for an operation has been determined, the model allows the user to create various scenarios to determine where potential savings can be made, or to benchmark against other areas or sites.

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