Optimising Budgets

As energy costs have been steadily rising, we have been working with our customers across the sectors we operate in to ensure that they are achieving the best level of clean, at the best value.


Our teams work with existing and new customers to review cleaning methods across sites and identify opportunities for improvement.  They are always carried out against clearly defined objectives such as: to provide a reduction in the cost of cleaning or reduce the cleaning time, allowing a greater process plant up-time.  For cleans that have been validated, such optimisation must maintain the validated objectives of the clean.

Once the optimisation objective has been met, the changes made must be recorded together with the validation results. This ensures that if any subsequent challenge arise, we can identify where in the process the issue manifested and, if necessary, the original procedures can be restored.

An example of the work we do took place at a dairy processing site where we worked closely with the customer and the membrane manufacturer to simplify the clean, removing many steps that were unnecessary and technically incorrect.   The new regime that we developed and implemented resulted in it using a 1/3rd of the previous chemical volume and cleaning time was reduced from seven hours to four.

“With our previous chemical supplier, the ultrafiltration plant clean took about seven hours and three cycles. With Holchem we can do it in four hours and one cycle; which is a massive improvement in cost, in time and for the first time we met the chemical budget.”

BV Dairy

We advise that all of our customers liaise with our teams for bespoke help and advice.