Meet The Team – Oliver Parkinson

Oliver Parkinson is a Safety, Health, Enviromental and Quality Manager here at Kersia UK. In this blog he talks about his role and what led him to his career 


How long have you been in your role?  

Just over two months. 


What was your career path to the job? 

I injured my knee for the second time whilst playing full-time rugby and knowing that I would be injured for over a year I decided to take a job as a Quality Assistant at a chemical manufacturer in Rochdale. From there I started to get into health and safety and I passed my National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) General Certificate and became the Health, Safety and Quality Manager eventually passing my National Compliance and Risk Qualification (NCRQ) Diploma. I worked there for around nine years then I had the opportunity to join Kersia. 


What responsibilities does your role include?  

There are so many different aspects to my role. From running and maintaining management systems to giving general Health and Safety advice. They all contribute to keeping people safe at work which is the main point of the job. 


What’s the favourite part of your job?  

There are a number of things - problem solving, working in a team and helping to make sure people go home safe from work. 


Describe a typical day? 

I think I am yet to have a typical day! The variety is another aspect I like about the job, whether it is going to Greater Manchester Police HQ, up to Lockerbie or being on site at Bury, the days are usually diverse. 


What would your dream job be? 

I’ve never really had a “dream job”. If you were to have asked me 10 years ago, I may have said a professional rugby player but now considering how sore I am after a game I think something less physical would be better, perhaps a writer of some sorts.