Meet the Team - Emma Hounslea

Kersia HR Manager Emma Hounslea joined the company in April and talks about her new role.

What Does Your Job Entail? 

In my role as HR Manager, I work very closely with Megan Doyle, HR Manager, to provide full business support to the HR Director and to the management team on all employee related matters. We work towards improving our policies, processes and procedures to encourage employee wellbeing, training & development, and progression (amongst other things) across the Group.   I studied Business and HRM at Leeds Met and then I completed my master’s degree in HR and obtained Level 7 in CIPD at the same time at Manchester Metropolitan University. Both have proved to be useful in my daily work.  I am putting into practice lots of theory that I covered in both degrees.    

Where Did You Work Previously?

My last role was for a small business based in the UK, so I am looking forward to working with a global organisation and being a part of much larger corporate group working on strategy and corporate projects. 

How Are You Settling into Your Role?

I’m enjoy meeting people around the business, and I am already very busy and can see that the role will be extremely varied which is something I really enjoy. HR covers all areas of the business so I’m getting up to speed very quickly and meeting all the team.

Is There a Typical Day? 

In HR there isn’t usually a typical day as it can change quite quickly. That said I usually try and make my way through my to do list, which may involve; setting up new starter inductions, drafting contracts, interviewing candidates for any new roles, drafting letters, helping with queries on our payroll system etc., whilst at the same time providing support to the Management team on any employee related issues as and when arise. Every day is very different. 

And finally, what’s your dream job?

Apart from working in HR I would love to be a Forensic Scientist. What an interesting job that would be providing evidence for criminal investigations. A real-life CSI!