Kitchen Cleaning in the Hospitality Sector

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us and that means the start of the busy Easter season for the hospitality industry. 

The influx of customers over the two-week school holidays means an increased focus on hygiene plans for both front and back of house. Kitchen cleaning is a crucial and integral part of any food preparation business and Kersia’s range of products meets the demand of the busy environment and ensures that kitchens are hygienically clean.  

The correct handling of dirty and cleaned crockery, cutlery and food service minimises the risk of staff and customer cross contamination. Operational and hygiene procedures, role definition and staff training are vital to minimise the risks.  

Nicole Thompson from Kersia UK explains more about the range of products required: 

“Easter traditionally marks the start of the holiday season and Kersia’s Optimum products for the kitchen cover a wide range of uses including a multi-purpose cleaner for all general surfaces, a heavy duty cleaner for the removal of heavy soiling and sanitisers that pass EN1276 and EN13697 for disinfecting food contact surfaces. These products are also available as ready-to-use (RTU) trigger sprays to save time in diluting the concentrated products. The ready-to-use disinfectant (QFD60) is also fast acting, works in 60 seconds and is effective against enveloped viruses such as Coronavirus. The kitchen range also provides specialist products such as Oven Mousse, Oven Cleaner and Destaining Powder for removing tannin stains, appliance Descaler for removing scale build up in kettles and Bio Drain Cleaners for digesting fats in drains.” 

As always please contact the Kersia UK hospitality team for information about cleaning plans, products and staff training.