Kersia UK, the new name for Holchem

Holchem, in May 2020 and Kilco, in July 2018, became part of the Kersia Group. All three companies share common values via their strong focus on customer support, the environment and corporate social responsibility. 

The Kersia Group now have a presence in 120+ countries, 2,100+ employees 700+ of whom are sales and support related, 35 industrial sites, €410m+ turnover built from over 10 companies.

Being part of the Kersia Group has enabled Holchem to support the services it offers with further access to enhanced research and development for new products, improved systems and further investment in our people and their development. We have continued to maintain and improve the unique support and service levels to our customers, the longstanding key focus of the business.

We have already changed our email addresses and from October 2022 you will start to see other documentation reflecting this change.  This will include for instance product labels, product information and safety data sheets, letters, audits, proposals, invoices, website & LinkedIn, vehicle livery and factory signage. Some of the changes will take a little longer to implement so you may continue to see the old logos for a time.