Kersia UK’s Speciality Products

Our product range includes a number of Speciality products that our customers in the foodservice and facilities management sectors use on an ongoing basis. This includes a number of key products that perform important tasks such as Hand and Surface Virucidal Wipes. Designed for hands and surfaces, Virucidal Wipes are impregnated sanitising wipes that have been formulated for use within food preparation areas. They are easy to use and can be used on all hard surfaces and hands for cleaning and disinfection. They are suitable for light cleaning and disinfection tasks, or for cleaning of sensitive areas where moisture must be minimised.

The range also includes Spray & Wipe with Bleach, a ready to use hard surface cleaner with added chlorine, formulated to remove tough stains such as mould, tea and coffee from most hard surfaces. Anti-Viral Cleaner & Disinfectant is a ‘Ready To Use’ anti - viral disinfectant, which is suitable for hard surfaces.  Prior to using, surfaces should be cleaned firstly before disinfecting them by spraying with a fine mist of Anti-Viral Cleaner & Disinfectant RTU. Allow a contact time of five minutes and, if necessary, wipe dry with a clean cloth. It is recommended that the cloth is then disposed of after use. It passes EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN14476 (limited spectrum). Effective against enveloped viruses.

For further information on the range and how and when to use the products effectively contact a member of our team.