Kersia UK’s Depta DWR

Maintaining hygiene standards while controlling water usage in a food processing environment can be challenging.  Food manufacturing plants such as bakeries, dry ingredients/powders, confectionary and cereals are often required to use minimal water to clean to ensure the effective control of microbiological hazards, maintain food safety and product quality. 


Kersia UK’s Depta DWR is an alcohol-based detergent/disinfectant used for cleaning surfaces without the need for rinsing. This product is ideal for use in dry food processing environments and, due to its quick biocidal action and fast drying properties, Depta DWR is also ideally placed for during production and product changeover cleans and can contribute to time saving during the hygiene window. 


Bijal Shah, Senior Hygiene Manager at Taiko Foods Ltd, commented on the success of Depta DWR across the company’s food processing facility: 


“We were struggling to remove traces of protein from control panels, buttons and touch screens.  


We were using Alcosan but we were still getting ATP detection failures across all lines. After receiving the product information for Depta DWR from our local Kersia Technical Sales Consultant, we decided to trial this product on these surfaces to see if the soil removal would be more effective. We applied Depta DWR neat as per the instructions and wiped off with blue cloth. Our results significantly improved immediately, and we continue to use this product on all lines across our food processing facility.” 


Commenting on the DEPTA DWR Nicola Bellamy from Kersia UK, said: 

“Developed by our team of experts here at Kersia, Depta DWR is the perfect solution for cleaning and disinfection in food processing environments where the control of water usage is critical.  The quick biocidal action and fast drying time of this product, helps contribute to essential time savings during product changeover cleans and the main hygiene window.” 

For more information, please contact your local Kersia Technical Sales Consultant