Kersia UK’s Belinda Jennings takes part in Brew Resourceful podcast

Kersia UK’s Belinda Jennings recently took part in the popular Brew Resourceful podcast. Talking to host Chris Lewington they discussed all there is to know about Brewery Hygiene and Cleaning In Place (CIP) within breweries.  


Belinda has previously worked with Chris who is now running his own company, looking to help brewers brew as efficiently and sustainably as they can.  They also covered key topics including optimisation, cleaning techniques, problems, new products and sustainability. The podcast covers a whole host of topics and is important listening for anyone involved in the brewing industry.  


Commentating on the interview Belinda said: “The brewing world has a huge wealth of knowledge which we like to share and it’s important we all work together. It was really interesting to share my knowledge and expertise on the subject and talk about such an important topic and I hope the podcast listeners learnt more about the brewery hygiene and Cleaning in Place within a brewery.” 


Further information about Kersia’s work in the brewery sector is here.  


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