Kersia UK Partner With Premier Foods Carlton

Kersia UK’s Russ Gibson and Nicola Bellamy recently we worked with Premier Foods in Carlton to conduct a comprehensive day of cleaning and disinfection training.  

The day began with an introductory presentation highlighting the crucial role of cleaning and disinfection in a food manufacturing plant.  Maintaining good hygiene standards not only safeguards the health of consumers and upholds the reputation of the company and complies with industry regulations and codes of practice. 

The training sessions were designed to be engaging and impactful with interactive practical exercises.  It was great to see the participants actively involved in the cleaning of various equipment using appropriate cleaning chemicals, methods and techniques.  Here at Kersia we aim to foster hands-on learning experiences that allowed participants to understand the importance of correct cleaning procedures and achieve a high standard of clean. 


To assess the effectiveness of the cleaning process, we incorporated the use of UV Gel and a UV torch.  This visual verification method enabled participants to clearly see the areas missed during the cleaning and emphasise the importance of attention to detail.  The interactive nature of this exercise created a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. 


After the session we asked the Premier Foods team for their thoughts on the training: 


“I found the session informative and eye-opening. After completing the practical exercise, I understand why it's important to make sure that we have the right cleaning equipment and chemicals.”  


“After the session I understood more about why we clean and the different methods we could use. I thoroughly enjoyed this session and would recommend.”  


“Really happy that you came in and taught us what you did. We had the base knowledge already, but it was nice to expand on this knowledge. The practical we completed at the end was enjoyable.” 


“It was a really positive experience; I would definitely like to understand more about the background of cleaning.” 


Nicola Bellamy from Kersia UK, added: 


“The hygiene training at Premier Foods was a tremendous success.  It was great to be able to share our expertise in maintaining high standards of food safety and plant hygiene.  The interactive sessions proved to be effective in educating participants and reinforcing the importance of thorough and correct cleaning practices. 


“The session was an important reminder of the critical role that best practice cleaning and disinfection play in ensuring food safety.  We hope that our training continues to make a positive impact in the participants work environments and contributes to the overall success of Premier Foods in upholding their commitment to excellence and ‘Enriching Life Through Food’.” 

Hand hygiene sampling devices can be found here