Kersia UK Introduces Ultrad HA Product Range

Kersia UK has recently introduced Ultrad HA, a range of products that embody innovation by harnessing the power of Ultradiffusion® technology, a groundbreaking method for applying disinfectants* within food manufacturing plants, revolutionising the way Kersia’s customers will maintain cleanliness and manage food hazards. 

This indirect disinfection approach utilises airborne diffusion to disperse active substances, creating a dry smoke that permeates the entire treatment area, ensuring thorough 3D disinfection from one or several diffusion points (depending on the size and dimensions of the area to be treated). 

This technology holds particular significance in dry food manufacturing, where water use is restricted.  Ultrad HA is ideally placed to form part of a dry-cleaning strategy, benefiting facilities such as bakeries, milk powder production, cereal manufacturing and high risk/high care facilities that demand stringent microbial control with minimal water usage. 

By adopting Ultradiffusion® disinfectant technology, Ultrad HA offers an efficient and effective alternative to traditional fogging methods. Ultrad HA has been tested and conforms to EN17272 for airborne surface disinfection, and provides comprehensive protection against viruses, bacteria and moulds, thus elevating food manufacturing hygiene protocols. 

The range is available in the following pack sizes: 

6 x 400g canisters 

4 x 1000g canisters 

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

For further information on the range please speak to your Technical Sales Consultant or visit