Kersia UK - Farm to Fork

The Kersia Food and Beverage and Farm Hygiene LinkedIn pages recently merged so they now come under one page, sharing insights and telling the story of Kersia UK.  


From Farm to Fork, Kersia UK is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of food every step of the way. As a leading player in food safety, we are dedicated to supporting our customers across various sectors including farm and food & beverage industries, dairy processing, food service and retail. 


Our mission is to safeguard the integrity of the food chain and our vision is ‘inventing a food safe world’.  By offering a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning products and hygiene solutions, we support everyone involved in food production to maintain biosecurity from farm to fork.  Whether it is preventing disease in animals or ensuring food safety, our knowledgeable team of experts can support your business to achieve the high standards required. 


Here at Kersia we are constantly looking ahead, helping our customers anticipate changes, protect their reputations and enhance sustainability efforts. 


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