Kersia UK – Committed and Different programme

For the second year in a row, five ambassadors from the Kersia UK team recently took part in the Kersia ‘Committed & Different’ (C&D) programme at the eco-responsible site near #Paris "La Bergerie de Villarceaux ": a wonderful place tackling the issue of agricultural transition.

Together with other Kersia ambassadors from multiple countries across the world, they created an invaluable platform for learning, networking, and developing strong relationships essential for building a changemaker culture and community inside. The team met with inspirational entrepreneurs who were  focussed on open & transparent food facts and social innovation for diversity & well-being in the workplace.  Both entrepreneurs spoke about concrete examples of how to think differently and ACT FOR POSITIVE IMPACT.

As the ambassadors progress, they continue to drive positive change and the main requirement is their commitment to ACT for CHANGE, as we are aware of the present and future challenges for INVENTING A FOOD SAFE WORLD.


Marek Miszta, Technical Service Manager, was part of the group and has explained why he decided to take part in the programme and what he is looking to achieve.


“I wanted to join the Committed & Different programme because I was initially intrigued by its purpose.  Hearing first hand experiences from colleagues who had already participated in the programme helped me gain a deeper awareness of its objectives and potential impact.  Additionally, I saw the programme as an excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate with other members of the Kersia family.  I was curious to learn about the unique practices and approaches employed by different countries within our organisation.  By sharing experiences and ideas, I believed that we could all benefit from this collective learning, identifying areas where we could improve and grow together.


“Throughout my participation in the programme, I have been inspired by the wealth of great ideas that exist within the entire Kersia family.  The diverse perspectives and experiences shared by participants have opened my eyes to innovative approaches and solutions that can benefit our organisation as a whole.  One of the most inspiring aspects of the program has been the support and encouragement received from fellow participants and industry professionals. The beauty of this program is it allows everyone from all levels of the business to have their say and showcase what they can do.


“Being part of the C&D clan has allowed me to look at a different way of working and being able to share ideas across a larger platform.


“In summary we all have the power to make positive changes for the future that will benefit us as individuals and the company. Hopefully, I will also have made some good friends along the way and learnt a few things that I was not aware of before. For me knowledge is power and giving people a voice where they can express themselves freely without judgement is giving those people power to make a difference. If we are not aware of things, then how can we give an opinion or a solution. This platform has given me the confidence to engage with social and environmental projects where I feel I can help and make a difference. I think the Gateway project I am involved in already really focuses on the Kersia philosophy of People, Planet, Profit for sustainability and successful positive impact.