Kersia’s Steven Perry explains why he is taking part in the Committed and Different programme

In the third of our series of blogs looking at Kersia’s Committed & Different programme, Steven Perry, Hygiene Technologist at Kersia UK explains why he is taking part. 


“The main reason why I joined the Committed & Different programme was because I was empowered by the Committed & Different (C&D) speakers at the National Sales Meeting last year.  I could see how passionate the changemaker ambassadors were and it was clear what the programme had meant to them and what the C&D community had brought to them on a personal level, for the business and the wider society. For these reasons, I knew that the C&D programme was something I would like to participate in. 


“What has inspired me is how entrepreneurs have harvested their ideas and managed to navigate the barriers and challenges to get their projects off the ground.  It is inspiring to see the positive impact that they have achieved and the realisation that the positive outcomes always outweigh the struggles they have come across on their journey. 


“The C&D journey so far has changed my mindset to think in a more positive manner, see challenges through a different lens and to reflect and think about issues outside my normal workspace such as environmental issues. 


“My vision is to take a step forward in the future.  In the past I was understanding and concerned about certain environmental and social issues but felt I couldn’t make a significant change and wouldn’t get involved. I am now more willing as I feel empowered to step forward and try to make a make a difference and become a changemaker. One of the industry professionals I have met through this initiative commented: ‘We cannot complain about things in the future, if we don’t try to make a change now, we need to act and speak up’.  This is so true and really resonates with me.”