Keeping Hands Clean This Winter

A robust hand hygiene routine for all members of staff across the hospitality industry is an important part of their job.

All businesses should have a hygiene policy in place that covers all aspects of their provisions for hygiene management. This should include a section on personal hygiene and hand care.  The policy should also make provisions for contractors, visitors and customers.  With the increase in temporary staff over the festive period it’s key that all staff are aware and fully trained in their responsibilities.


The locations of the hand care facilities must be given careful consideration so not to impede existing operations.  Hand care facilities should be provided at entrances and exits to production areas, toilets and any other locations established from the planning phase.  The following should then be provided:

Keeping hands clean this winter

  • Sufficient hand wash sinks
  • The hand wash sinks should be fed with a good volume of warm water (approx. 34-38°C)
  • Operation of the water should be a knee operated valve or automatic sensor
  • Hand wash sinks should be equipped with hand soap dispensers and a suitable drying method
  • Waste bins for used paper towels, preferably foot operated
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers particularly in high care environments
  • Time allowed for all staff to follow the correct procedure
  • Posters displayed to show correct hand wash procedures
  • Regular refilling of hand soap, disinfectant and towel dispensers
  • If a hand sanitiser is needed, then consideration should be given to where the dispensers are located.  To avoid confusion best practice would typically locate the hand sanitiser dispenser after the hand soap dispensers.  Hand washing facilities should be included within the premises cleaning schedule system and cleaned on at least a shift basis.

Holchem have reviewed a significant proportion of hand hygiene research and produced a useful “In Safe Hands” brochure which provides our customers with a first-hand guide. This covers legislation and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements, the kinds of bacteria associated with hand hygiene, barriers to hand washing, effective hand washing, hand drying, hand hygiene products, hand sanitisers, independent testing of hand soaps and sanitisers and the overall management of hand hygiene.


Further info and advice can be found on the handcare section of the website.