International Women’s Day – Let’s All Break The Bias

Across Kersia the whole team have been working hard since last year’s International Women’s Day to continue the work that has been taking place within the company to ensure that all bias is broken.  Changes made include Kersia UK appointing two female Directors - Kathleen Chisholm, HR Director Kersia UK and Sarah Taylor, Finance Director, Kersia UK. There’s also been the placement of Nikki Liberia, Operations Manager, on the prestigious talent management programme which will commence later in 2022. 


For this year’s International Women’s Day, and as a part of ongoing discussions with our all staff we’ve also been speaking to female members of the team about how they feel about working at Kersia and how women in the sector are supported.


Charlotte Morrison, Kilco HSE Manager Lockerbie and Mallusk, has worked for the company for five and a half years and we asked about her career and the wider industry:  "From personal experience I feel that women get same job opportunities as men.  I had an internal promotion to HSE manager from Environmental Coordinator and I have received support from the company with other aspects or my work here.  During 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic I was a key member of the Northern Europe crisis management team helping to coordinate our internal response to the pandemic and provide support to staff who were required to work on site throughout the pandemic.  The team in Lockerbie has many female managers and members of staff, we all work exceptionally well together and with the wider team within Kersia.


She continues: “From my point of view I have been given the same opportunities as male colleagues within Lockerbie and Kersia, however within the wider industry I think there is still more work to be done to break the bias, but if Kersia are doing it right at least that’s a start.”


Megan Doyle, HR Manager Kersia UK, recently joined the company and adds her perspective about opportunities for women working in the sector and bias taking place: “I certainly feel women are treated and supported equally to men and are provided with the same opportunities. I have seen women involved in various projects both local and International throughout the Kersia group. I can certainly see opportunities to continue to progress and develop in my current role as HR Manager at Kersia and I am excited about my future here. 


“I would definitely recommend working at Kersia to other women. In such a short space of time I have seen many opportunities available to women in this sector. It is inspiring to see women working alongside men at all levels including right up to Director level. This empowers me and provides me with aspiration to work and progress in the company. 


“Across the sector I believe with anything there are always improvements that can be made to help us continue to create a workplace culture where women can thrive.”