L4 Hygiene Specialist Apprenticeship

Holchem, a part of Kersia, support the food and drinks processing sector through their product range, technical expertise, and excellent service, and are proud to support the 'Level 4 Hygiene Specialist Apprenticeship' run by Nottingham Trent University (NTU). This apprenticeship is designed to provide a fantastic opportunity for quality candidates to gain the experience often required by prospective employers. 
The NTU apprenticeship team is offering this ‘Level 4 Hygiene Specialist Apprenticeship’, starting in September 2021.

The apprenticeship is designed for those aiming to progress into roles providing specialist hygiene services in areas such as closed plants (CIP), sterile environments, food and drink manufacturing and laboratories.
The course focuses on the hygiene specialist role, featuring modules that address aspects of underpinning science, design and management of hygiene practices, management of human resource and operations, and environmental sustainability.  Employees get the opportunity to gain a Certificate of Higher Education as a Hygiene Specialist whilst studying for this apprenticeship.
The typical job roles that apprentices might occupy once they have achieved the apprenticeship include Hygiene Compliance Manager, Hygiene Manager, Hygiene Supervisor, Hygiene Team Leader and Hygiene Process Leader.