Hospitality Hygiene Regimes

 As the focus on Tier 2 hospitality businesses and robust hygiene plans continues the team at Holchem are constantly assessing and updating advice that is given to customers.

Information and advice on tools and resources is available on the Holchem website and through the Holchem team including detailed information on products for cleaning food service and hospitality surfaces and environments, best practice, Q&As and cleaning methods. 

One of the major concerns for hospitality businesses is restarting or updating Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point procedures or HACCP-based Food Safety Management System (such as Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) packs or Safe Catering in Northern Ireland). Businesses should check that they have not introduced any additional hazards that they are not controlling.  The Holchem team can help and advise on the correct procedures to follow which include:

• Documenting any changes made.

• Documenting the start-up checks undertaken.

• Informing the local food authority if when restarting the food business, and of any changes to the registerable activities. This includes the introduction of a new delivery or takeaway service.

There’s also detailed updates on cleaning premises and equipment such as the Optimum Cleaning System brochure