Holchem Teams Attend Meat Business Women ‘Challenge To Change’ Conference

Cath Chapman and Nikki Bellamy attended the Meat Business Women ‘Challenge of Change’ conference in central London this week.


The theme for the day was ‘The challenge of change’ as a key focus for the meat industry over the next couple of years, in the wake of COP26, climate change goals, a labour crisis, consumer expectations, COVID-19 and other external pressures.


Leading experts talked about the changes in the meat sector and how they deal with change both professionally and personally. Through dedicated development sessions, panel discussion and workshops, the conference explored how different life stages can impact approaches to change what these changes and challenges mean women in the sector.



Cath Chapman, Divisional Manager, Key Accounts at Holchem, a part of Kersia, commented:

The conference was jam packed full of the most useful insights about change and how to deal with it on a personal and professional level.  The panel talks, development sessions, workshops and Q&A focusing on change all contributed to the day being a great success.  We definitely learnt a lot from it and will be using key actions on a daily basis.