Holchem’s Nikki Bellamy Completes Her MBA

The progression of our teams is paramount and we are delighted to announce that Holchem’s Nikki Bellamy has recently completed an MBA with a Distinction.


It’s taken a huge amount of work by Nikki to gain this remarkable achievement and we couldn’t be prouder. The MBA course was completed part time over two years with three day blocks every six weeks.  An assignment was completed for each of the 12 modules which concluded with a 15,000 word dissertation which focussed on a personal passion for achieving gender parity within the STEM sector “The barriers faced by women working in an SME within the STEM sector – a case study on Holchem”.  The course started in November 2019 via face to face lectures at the University of Hull through to March 2020. It was then transitioned to distance learning until students were permitted to return in May 2021 for the last module face to face.


Commentating on the MBA, Nikki said:

The MBA modules have followed my working life for the last two years.  From organisational changes and the impact of Merger & Acquisition, to understanding the challenges with adaptability, idea creation and creativity due to the impact of travel restrictions during Covid-19, to supply and demand challenges due to Covid-19 and increase in disinfectant use and focus on hygiene.


One of the main learnings from the MBA was the understanding of different perspectives and how to view situations holistically and systemically as opposed to responding to challenges from an emotive viewpoint.  I apply my learnings constantly day-to-day.  I have learnt so much about business, about the strategic vision of the company and more importantly about myself.  I believe I have changed so much over the last two years and I appreciate the criticality of cohesive teamwork to achieve success.  I have become more resilient, less self-critical, much more driven to make a difference and contribute to positive change.


The subjects on the course were:

  • Organisational Behaviour and Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship 
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Economic Environment
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Systemic Management and Complexity
  • Supply Chain and Operational Management
  • Management Consultancy 
  • Research Methods