Holchem’s Hospitality Hygiene Guide

In the latest in our series of hygiene guides we are focusing on the hospitality industry and hygiene routines that help maintain the highest of standards.


Good hygiene procedures and processes both front and back of house are essential for cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. Providing an inviting and safe environment ensures all teams working on the premises have confidence in the management team and it also enables customers to feel satisfied, confident and eager to return.


Front of house is one of the main areas where cross contamination between customers and staff can occur and as a result, operational and hygiene procedures, role definition and staff training are vital to minimise the risks. Routine cleaning and disinfection of customer and staff contact areas and touchpoints using a disinfectant effective against pathogens including viruses is important. ­Holchem’s Optimum products Anti-viral Cleaner & Disinfectant or Legend Anti-Viral Wipes (tested against: EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN14476 enveloped viruses) are available for routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and touchpoints to reduce cross contamination.


Maintaining a hygienically clean Back of House encompasses the bar and cellar area as well as robust warewashing and kitchen hygiene routines including Clean As You Go, Whole Kitchen Cleaning and Surfaces.  The Optimum Cleaning System brochure includes lots of helpful information on how to approach all areas, as well as the correct products to use.  As always, we recommend contacting a member of the Holchem team for detailed, bespoke advice and guidance.