Holchem’s Brewery team Takes Part in Brewers Journal Podcast

Moyra Williams and Belinda Jennings from Holchem’s Brewery and Beverage team were both recently invited to take part in The Brewers Journal Podcast for an episode addressing the issue of hygiene in breweries, both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of keeping it top of the agenda in any brewery.

The wide-ranging discussion covered a whole of host of topics and both Moyra and Belinda talked at length with the editor Tim Sheehan, passing on their expertise on the subject matter including the hygiene measures that breweries have undertaken to ensure they meet government guidelines. From the production of beer in breweries to dispensing in the hospitality industry, the safety of customers is key.

The discussion also covered Cleaning in Place in breweries and how the Holchem team have been able to work with customers to ‘delve in a bit deeper’ regarding hygiene plans and cleaning equipment as well as auditing.

Both Moyra and Belinda were able to pass on their knowledge and understanding of the sector as they work with customers offering the most up to date and effective advice and support on current hygiene methods and procedures, managing continuous improvements on site, managing projects including reducing water, chemical and energy usage on plant and chemical and micro monitoring. Their roles also encompass working with customers on using the most effective detergents and disinfectants for brewing and beverage plants.