Holchem Marks International Women’s Day – Choose to Challenge

In the second of our blogs celebrating International Women’s Day we are featuring two women who work here at Holchem, a part of Kersia and their thoughts on women working within the hygiene solutions industry. It’s perceived by many to be a male dominated sector so listening to women who work in it and taking relevant action is of the highest importance to us.

Catherine Chapman is Holchem’s National Accounts Manager and has worked at the company for eight years. Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, Cath is well versed in how the sector operates and the opportunities for women working in it. She does believe that women have the same opportunities, but the chemical industry is still perceived as a ‘man’s world’ with varied hours including having to do night shifts and visits to such places as abattoirs. She comments: “It is a very rewarding industry especially supporting the food sector in the UK. The sector can be at times very demanding as it is fast moving operating 24/7 and can be tough for everyone to work in. It can also be intimidating at times as most of the people you liaise with (at all levels) are male. I think if we can make the Chemical Hygiene Solutions world more attractive to women right from the start of the recruitment process that will enable more women to work in the sector. Initiatives such as 'Meat Business Women' are fantastic as they are encouraging more women to work in the sector.”

Samantha Clemson is a Regulatory Manager at Kersia UK/IE and has worked at Holchem for 15 years. She has worked in various roles at the company, starting as Quality Control Technician, moving onto to become a Senior Chemist in 2011 and then onto her current role. “I’ve had a great career path at Holchem and I really enjoy being part of the team here. The industry is changing a lot and evolving and that’s good for me. I work with quite a few women here and count myself lucky. I have no issues being a woman in the sector and feel lucky to work with the women I do at Holchem, as there’s a good mix of males and females. They are amazing, confident and competent. It’s shame that COVID-19 has meant that we’re not in a busy bustling office anymore. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can get back to normal.”

For further information on careers at Kersia visit https://www.kersia.uk/about/.