Get Sparkling Results This Festive Season

Effective warewashing routines are fundamental to the success of hospitality and foodservice businesses, especially in the run to the festive season.  With even more focus on the cleanliness of crockery, cutlery and all utensils during the past two years, it’s key that comprehensive warewashing routines are in place and that all staff are trained on procedures. 

The products used to clean the contents of the dishwasher have to be able to perform and deliver results.  Ensuring the detergent and rinse aid are being used at the correct strengths is key to helping save money on energy, water and chemical usage without comprising hygiene and it’s hugely important that washing machines are managed and maintained to ensure correct operation.  Correct racking should be adhered to to ensure the desired results are achieved. And all staff should be aware of the correct cleaning products to use in machines as well as how it fits into the daily cleaning procedures.

Maintenance is key especially in the run up to the festive season. If machines aren’t looked after properly and pumps, for example, aren’t serviced then they can’t perform as they should and glasses, cups, sauces, plates and cutlery won’t be hygienically clean. Poorly cleaned items can lead to harmful bacteria remaining on plates, cups, glasses and cutlery which is to be avoided at all times, especially in the current pandemic. It’s imperative that government guidelines regarding hygiene standards are implemented across the sectors so that staff and customers are reassured that the kitchen teams are doing everything they can to ensure an establishment is hygienically clean.

Ensure a happy Christmas for all by creating the best first impression.  Reviews on social media are often scored on the cleanliness of an establishment, including tableware and implementing the highest standards now will help ensure a robust routine is in place by December.

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