Food Safety Policy

Kersia aspires to be the Global pure player specialised in biosecurity and food safety.


To fulfil the food safety objective for our customers, and appropriate to our chemical and food safety offering to all parts of the farm to fork food chain, Holchem endorses this policy to ensure that: -

  1. By working with you, collectively we can identify and understand your needs with respect to food safety.  The suggested management of your food safety risks (chemicals, application techniques, programme management and review) will be best practice.
  2. A range of products will be available to help you store, dose and apply chemicals; validate, monitor and verify your food safety controls; and manage and record your cleaning programmes – a 360° approach.
  3. Products supplied to you will be free of food safety hazards.
  4. Staff attending your sites have been trained in food safety appropriate to their roles and will follow food safe protocols with respect to the cleanliness of their equipment and their work activities.
  5. Food safety Service support will be relative to your company size and your food safety risks.
  6. We continue to develop and provide a knowledge base and resources on food safety best practice, to be available to the general public, our customers and for internal use, as appropriate.
  7. We maintain our knowledge base by attending and being involved in professional bodies supporting food safety (EHEDG, IAFP, SFAM, Campden BRI ……..).
  8. Training is available to you on all aspects of the management of food safety, to all staff levels responsible for its undertaking and management.
  9. We continually develop our product range to maximise food safety, as new food safety challenges arise.
  10. We will undertake research internally and with appropriate collaborators to better our collective knowledge of food safety hazards and their management.