Food & Drink Careers Passport

Finding and attracting eager and committed entry-level staff into food & drink manufacturing is an industry-wide challenge. That challenge is now being met by an innovative passport scheme from ‘The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink’ and ‘The Food and Drink Federation’.

The Food & Drink Careers Passport makes it faster and easier to find the best candidates for entry-level jobs and other suitable early career roles. Job hunters holding the Passport have made a positive choice to seek a career in food and drink. They’ve already put the work in to prove it. And all at no cost to you. They’re engaged. Interested. Committed. And eager to start…

Their Passport is proof they’ll arrive at interview having already undertaken the study necessary to gain fully accredited core food handling and safety compliance certification across:

• Food Safety Level 2

• HACCP Level 2

• Health & Safety Level 2

• Allergen awareness


The more firms that recognise the value of the Passport in quickly pinpointing quality candidates and cutting onboarding time, the more job hunters will embark on pre-application Passport study. And the larger the pool of pre-qualified job candidates you can access.

That's why we're now asking your company to join others in an industry-wide pledge to acknowledge the value of the Passport to your own recruitment pipeline and that of food and drink manufacturing. 

Be part of collective industry action in tackling the recruitment challenge and boosting the attraction of industry jobs. Join Our Pledge

Kersia UK have been involved and support the development of this initiative.