Today is the Earth Day and here at Kersia we want to achieve a complete climate strategy and have put in place some concrete actions to have a positive impact:

  • We are developing a strategy to reduce our greenhouse gases emissions using the ACT Step-by-step method, in collaboration with our stakeholders.
  • We regularly raise awareness on environmental topics, especially by organising worldwide “Climate Fresk” workshops, allowing collaborators to understand the basics of climate change so they can better act and accept changes. So far 63 employees have taken part in Climate Fresk and throughout the year many more will also be part of the workshops.


At our Manchester site we continue to back load our delivery fleet with suitably palletised empty and rinsed containers collected by our customers, an initiative which we started in 1997.  Our policy continues today and it is going from strength to strength.  We actively encourage our customers to return their 25 litre kegs, drums and IBCs to use so they can be reused.


In line with recovery and recycling targets set for UK businesses we are constantly looking to reduce our packaging impact by encouraging the return from our customers of 25 litre kegs, drums and IBCs, for launder and re-use and only using reused pallets, re-used drums and re-used IBCs.  We have also achieved ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard which is testament to our environmental management system here at Kersia.