Dr John Holah Examines New GFSI Hygienic Design Benchmarking Requirements

The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group recently published an article by Dr John Holah, Principal Corporate Scientist: Food Safety & Public Health, Kersia, examining the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) Hygienic Design benchmarking requirements for food manufacturers, retailers and food processing equipment suppliers across the farm to fork food supply chain.   John is also a member of the GFSI Technical Working group that developed the documents ‘JI and JII’ which give a significant boost for hygienic design.


The article looks at four key areas:

  • What the documents entail
  • Will they become a major driving force for the further adaptation of hygienic design by the global food industry, from farm to fork?
  • How the process will unfold
  • How long will it take?   


Regarding JI and JII, JI is entirely new in that it is a scope for the hygienic design of food buildings and processing equipment constructors.  JI offers the opportunity for equipment manufacturers and food building designers to also become accredited according to a GFSI scope.  Part II updates what is already present in existing certification program owners’ standards. 


Commentating on the papers, John said:

My article looks at the two new papers JI and JII and helps explain in detail exactly what they include and the thinking behind them as well.  Hygienic design is now being recognised as a real means to control hazards and prevent food poisoning and other food safety issues. I encourage food processors and equipment suppliers to digest the new requirements and take on board the recommendations.



For further information on John’s work please contact the Kersia team.

Read John's article in the EHEDG Connects magazine (page 22).