Dedicated Service and Support

We are proud to offer our customers dedicated service and support that is tailored to their individual needs.

  • Our field-based teams have in-depth knowledge of their customers, delivering optimum cleaning solutions and responding to customers’ challenges by delivering new product solutions that respond to a specific business issue or need. 
  • Our Technical Sales Consultants manage our customer accounts.  They work to a structured plan and are the main contact for customer support. They also offer back up to their management programmes, through an agreed proactive management care plan, a fully comprehensive hygiene management system including audit and built-in review and training processes that can be adapted to suit the business needs of the customer. The team also provides on-going reactive and investigative technical advice.
  • To deliver a complete solution package our Hygiene Technologists provide additional resource to help the client with the creation and on-going management of the scheduling system. 
  • Service Engineers provide expertise in the dosing and application of cleaning products, backed up a wealth of support from the Technical Centre and through our teams working in the field.

Our approach means that we have worked with many of our customers since we started in business over 30 years ago and it also ensures our clients achieve and maintain exceptional levels of hygiene, aware of what would be regarded as cleaning and disinfection best practice for their circumstances.

By working with customers and building long-lasting relationships we strive to provide tailor made cleaning solutions, delivering real results. The advice we offer has a track record of making a material difference for our clients.