CSR & Sustainability

“Inventing a food safe world” is our mission.
It addresses a challenge that we are fully committed to overcoming, with food safety now the number one concern at all stages of the food chain. 
This mission and our four core values – Transparency, Sharing, Proficiency and Foresight – define who we are in a world where authorities and consumers demand both transparency and trust. 

They guide us in our daily activities and the decisions we make as part of our individual and collective responsibilities.
They should inspire our behaviour with our colleagues, customers and partners, and more generally influence how we interact with society. They reflect the professional ethics of our Group.

These fundamental values underpin our commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach that we pledge to support and promote. This CSR approach goes beyond compliance with existing laws and regulations, although these must still be always safeguarded.

“Act for a Positive Impact” is the name of our group CSR programme, a participative, constructive approach to doing things differently and better, to achieve a three-fold performance objective with economic, environmental and social dimensions. Our goal is for our business and all our production to be part of a fully circular economy, to move towards a situation of zero impact on the planet.