Changing Hygiene Supplier

Choosing to work with a new hygiene support company is a significant and important decision for any company in the food processing, brewing and beverage, hospitality, foodservice and dairy processing industries. It involves a number of different layers of decision making, so much so that companies often don’t make the necessary switch to a new one.

When making the change it is important to ensure that any hygiene solutions company has the breadth of technical knowledge and industry expertise to be able to understand the new business and the challenges it faces. In addition, the support should be local to provide a timely response to issues. 

Here at Kersia UK we are proud that our locally based field teams have in-depth knowledge of their customers and delivering product solutions that respond to a business issue or need. In addition, our Technical Centre team back up the field-based teams with analytical and problem-solving expertise for our customers.  We have successfully helped a large number of our customers make the smooth transition to working with us across all of their hygiene solutions.  Our teams get ‘under the skin’ of the business to understand and solve any inherited issues.  They train staff to use the chemicals properly and as part of the correct systems to ensure the highest of standards are met.

Richard Fine, F&B Sales Director from Kersia said:

“We understand the nature of switching to a new hygiene supplier can be daunting, however, our teams ensure a very smooth process. They are very quickly considered part of our customer’s on-site team and integrate themselves into the heart of the business. In essence, we deliver hygiene solutions through advanced technology and help our customers anticipate changes, protect the reputation of their operations and companies, and maintain their sustainable performance.”

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