Allergen Awareness Week

It’s Allergen Awareness Week and, here at Kersia UK, we work with our customers to advise on the important topic of effective allergen management as part of a complete hygiene solution. From the supply of cleaning chemicals and hygiene programmes to the provision of post-hygiene analytical test kits as well as training courses, we provide a complete 360° service offering. 

Across food and beverage processing, the practical management of allergens is high on the agenda and our expert teams visit and advise our customers routinely to ensure their plans are working, are achieving their objectives, and are as up to date as possible.  Controlling allergens comes under four areas: 

  • Stop them entering the factory  
  • Segregate products and ingredients 
  • Removal of allergens from surfaces 
  • Avoid spreading allergens around the site   


Please contact our teams for further information on hazard management